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'Til All Are One is a 2-CD set which contains Call to Action, Stan Bush's album released in 1997, and the all music score tracks composed by Vince DiCola from The Transformers: The Movie that were not on the 1986 soundtrack album. The CD set was released at BotCon'97 as a convention exclusive item by 3H Enterprises and sold out within few months. It was reissued at BotCon'98. It has since gone out of print, but Stan Bush's disc (Call to Action) was released by his record labels in 1997 and is available for purchase here and at the iTunes Store.

Track lists

Disc 1 Call to Action

  1. The Touch (1997 Remix)
  2. Never Surrender - from the movie Kickboxer
  3. Hold Your Head Up High - previously released on the album Dial 818-888-8638
  4. Straight to the Top - previously released on the album Every Beat of My Heart
  5. Dare (1997 Remix)
  6. Critical Mass - featuring Vince DiCola
  7. Ground Zero (BotCon Theme)
  8. Capture the Dream - previously released on the album The Child Within
  9. Total Surrender - previously released on the album Dial 818-888-8638
  10. Highest Calling

Disc 2 The Transformers: The Movie Music Score

  1. Unicron's Theme
  2. TF:TM Main Title (Alternate) - featuring Stan Bush
  3. 2005
  4. More Luck Than You Imagine
  5. Attack on the Shuttle - not used in movie
  6. Gone Fishin'
  7. City Under Siege
  8. Showdown
  9. Witness to a Funeral
  10. Contest for Leadership
  11. Transformation
  12. Coronation
  13. Destruction of the Outer Moon
  14. Pursuit
  15. Arrival on Junk
  16. Unwelcome Visitors
  17. The Matrix Survives
  18. An Unexpected Friend
  19. Destruction of the Inner Moon
  20. Ambush
  21. Another Leader Dies
  22. Rescue
  23. All Hope Is Lost
  24. Unusual Allies
  25. The Enemy Revealed
  26. Seizure
  27. United Against the Enemy
  28. In the Belly of the Monster
  29. Their Darkest Hour
  30. Legacy - audition piece

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