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  • 2007 media
  • 2007 comics
  • 2007 books
  • 2007 games
  • 2007 collections
  • 2007 toys
  • 2007 merchandise
  • The year 2007 (MMVII) is the 24th year since the Transformers brand began.

    For further information, see: Transformers timeline

    First Run





    • The Ultimate Battle (Short compilation/recap of the Unicron Trilogy)


    Devil's Due


    Marvel Comics

    Titan Magazines

    • Transformers Comic Magazine (#1–?, ongoing)



    Console Games

    • Transformers The Game (Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC DVD-ROM, PlayStation Portable)
    • The Transformers Autobots (Nintendo DS)
    • The Transformers Decepticons (Nintendo DS)
    • Transformers Official Strategy Guide (book, from Bradygames)

    Mobile Games

    • Transformers (from Glu)

    Online Games


    Convention Exclusives

    BotCon 2007

    Comicon International 2007


    • Video
      • TRANSFORMERS Generation One (G1) : Complete DVD Box Set (Chinese box set w/ 2nd English audio)
    • Comics
      • Transformers: The Best of Simon Furman (Hardcover cash-in shovelware omnibus)
      • Transformers: The Best of Don Figueroa (Hardcover cash-in shovelware omnibus)
      • Transformers: The Greatest Battles of Optimus Prime and Megatron (trade paperback cash-in shovelware omnibus)
      • Transformers Movie Adaption
      • Transformers Movie Prequel
      • The Transformers: Spotlight (vol 1, collects 1-5)
      • The Transformers: Escalation TPB
      • Transformers: The Ultimate Guide (paperback, minor update of 2004 hardcover)
      • The Transformers: Animated Movie Adaptation
      • The Transformers: Stormbringer TPB
      • The Transformers: Stormbringer (Manga version)
    • Dreamwave repackery
      • Transformers Micromasters Volume 1 (First collection of Dreamwave's Micromasters 1-4)
      • Transformers Generation One Volume 0: "Micromasters And More" (Micromasters+ G1 #0, Megatron backup, + Summer Special)
      • Transformers Generation One Volume 3 (First collection of Dreamwave's Ascension)

    New Editions

    • Transformers: War Within Vol 1 (new edition of Dreamwave original)
    • Transformers: War Within Vol 2 (new edition of Dreamwave original)

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