A Terrible Combination Plan? is the fifteenth episode of Beast Wars II. It first aired in Japan on July 15, 1998 on TV Tokyo.




At the Cybertron shuttles, the Jointron Brothers celebrate in one shuttle while the Cybertrons still look confused in the other shuttle (watching the Jointrons).

At the Destron base, the Destrons are imitating the Jointron Brothers by throwing a fiesta. This is suddenly brought to a halt with an evil glare from Galvatron. Galvatron then asks how they'll defeat the Jointrons. Starscream presents a plan to prevent the Jointrons from merging, and Galvatron accepts the idea.

The Jointrons, Tasmanian Kid, and Diver have been sent off to investigate some smoke in a valley. Little do they know that Thrust and Dirge have set the fire and are fanning it to draw in the Jointrons. On the moon of Gaea, Moon transforms into robot mode and transports to the planet to warn the Cybertrons about this setup. (Artemis and Moon appear in every episode, offering commentary on the events, but have never figured into the storyline before now). Moon reaches Gaia and attempts to warn the traveling Cybertrons, but they cannot see or hear Moon because he is invisible.

The Jointrons, Kid, and Diver arrive at the smoke. Kid and Diver are dropped into the smoke by the flying Jointrons. As the Cybertrons investigate, Kid and Diver are sprayed with a yellow gunk by Starscream and BB. This gunk weakens them and causes them to be unable to transform (and thus stuck in beast modes). The Jointrons notice and retreat to inform the rest of the Cybertrons. As they fly back to the Cybertron base, Starscream and BB spray the Jointron Brothers with the yellow gunk as well, and the Brothers crash to the ground. Upon being taunted by the Destrons, the Jointrons attempt to merge to form Tripledacus. Hindered by the gunk, the brothers are unable to correctly form Tripledacus. Through several attempts, they manage to form contorted versions of the combiner. The Jointrons give up trying to merge and instead decide to fight in their beast modes. BB, meanwhile, has changed into tank mode. Upon seeing this, the Jointrons attempt to flee. However, they are hit by fire from BB.

Suddenly, a huge steel-plated robot comes up from behind Starscream and BB. The Destrons spray it with the yellow gunk, but it seems unaffected. The robot throws BB, and Starscream unleashes a massive attack against the robot. The attack cracks the robot open, to reveal all the Cybertrons inside. This diversion has given time for the gunk on the Jointron Brothers to dry up, and the Jointrons transform to form Tripledacus. Quickly, the Destrons retreat.

Outside the Cybertron base, the Jointrons begin the fiesta anew.


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Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub..

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