Abomenaticus is a Decepticon combiner in the Generation One continuity family.

Abomenaticus is a Decepticon Scramble City-type combiner composed by Transformers from various subgroups.[1]

Abomenaticus is composed of:


Abomenaticus toy

One of the rarest combiner teams, this set was only available at a yard sale in Dubuque, Iowa for one weekend in 1988.

There isn't any official release of Abomenaticus, but it can be created from the toys of Terrorcons, Stunticons, and Combaticons.


  • The name "Abomenaticus" apparently derives from "Abominus + Menasor + Bruticus". Basically, Takara took Katakana characters from each name and meshed them into one name— オボミナス (O-bo-mi-na-su) + メナゾール (Me-na-zō-ru) + ブルーティカス (Bu-rū-ti-ka-su).

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