The Acid Wastes are a region of Cybertron with an awesome-sounding name in the Generation One continuity family.

The Acid Wastes span most of the Stanix region in south-west Cybertron. They are a blasted, unforgiving landscape; contaminated by neutronic fallout, wracked by earthquakes, freak weather conditions, and of course acid rain.

For more information about the region, see Stanix.

The neutronic fallout in the Acid Wastes can produce severe allergic reactions in some Transformers.


Marvel UK

The Magnificent Six!

Four million years ago the insane Decepticon Megadeath detonated five (or possibly six) neutron bombs there, intending to purge Stanix of non-Decepticon life. Instead the bombs blasted a permanent hole in the upper atmosphere, rendering the region essentially uninhabitable.


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