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This article is about the Mini-Con team. For the human military task force, see Adventure Team (G.I. Joe).
Bios card adventure

Ain't no mountain high enough...

Between its three members, the Adventure Mini-Con Team can handle any terrain. They dig in deep and plow their way across frozen wilderness, parched deserts or deep swamps to get the job done!

The Adventure Mini-Con Team is composed of



  • Adventure Mini-Con Team (Mini-Cons, 2003)
    • Japanese ID number: MM-16
The Adventure Team was first released as a three-pack in the Armada line. All three molds have a shared gimmick; gear-wheel systems that activate motion features on the toys when pushed along in vehicle mode, plus the ability to connect to the underside of the Cyclonus mold.
This mold-set was used to make the partner Mini-Cons Armorhide, Cliffjumper and Ironhide; the Micron Booster Mini-Cons Crunch, Spoil, and Torque; and the Lunar Assault Mini-Con Team.
  • Grap Supermode with Spark Lift and Adventure Micron
    • Japanese ID number: MS-07
The Adventure Team were also available in Japan in a multi-pack with Hoist and Refute. All the toys were identical to their individual releases.
  • X-Dimension Adventure Micron (Mini-Cons, 2003)
    • Japanese ID number: MM-21
A somewhat more limited-edition -but still regular retail- redeco of the Adventure Team was released by Takara as part of the X-Dimension series.


The Adventure Team was given a straight re-release in the Energon series in a six-pack with the Sea Mini-Con Team.


A partial redeco of this team had surfaced, changing only the Team's plastic colors, using the same paint masks/colors. It is unknown the exact nature of this set; it is possible that a late Armada series redeco was in the works but canned, and that this would have involved a paint scheme change.

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