Agoracer is an Autobot in the AllSpark Wars game portion of the movie continuity family.
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The agoraphobic racer who drives away from social interaction as fast as he can!

Agoracer is an Autobot of mysterious origins.

He appears to share a common origin with the Decepticon Agoraptor; both of them speak a Cybertronian dialect the Earthbound Autobot and Decepticons do not, both suffer from the same design flaw that causes their scanner to melt while entering Earth's atmosphere, and of course, both came to Earth because of the same legend or prophecy. (Agoraptor to enact it, Agoracer to stop it.) Little else is known of his past beyond a sad reference to his many fallen friends.

Upon arriving on Earth, Agoracer displayed a keen interest in Earth pop culture, sprinkling his communications with references to actors, singers and celebrities.[1]

Agoracer is almost endlessly patient and persistent, never giving in to despair no matter how long or hard the journey ahead may be.


AllSpark Wars "mini-ARG"

Agoracer began signaling the Earthbound Autobots even as he approached that world, trying to warn them of a danger in their midst, but was jammed by the Decepticon Agoraptor. He sustained damage during atmospheric entry, including to his scanner, and was forced to lay low while pleading that his fellows relay him information about different vehicle modes. A week later, he sent another signal, promising to meet his comrades soon...and then vanished for three months.

Agoraptor had erected a blocking tower to stop the scattered Autobots and Decepticons from communicating with one another. Agoracer spent this period locating the missing Autobot warriors around the world, locating the blocking tower and destroying it, and familiarizing himself with Earth culture.[2]

Communications unblocked, Agoracer organized the Autobots into battles to capture the Allspark fragments and reawaken the remaining dormant Autobots. With both sides forced to transmit over open communications lines, Agoracer and Agoraptor began to communicate with their troops in codes and riddles, hoping their people would understand the meaning while the other side would not. While Agoraptor favored cryptic poetry for Decepticon communications, Agoracer tended towards pop-culture references or puns for the Autobots.

Despite such measures, the Autobots were able to decipher a critical Decepticon message—revealing the location of Megatron—before the Decepticons could. The Autobots soon won an unexpectedly overwhelming victory, capturing enough AllSpark fragments to revive Optimus Prime in America. Some time later, Bumblebee was also revived. The Autobots pressed the fight even as Agoraptor attempted a desperate plan to acquire additional, previously unknown AllSpark fragments, and they were able to revive Ratchet.

This was too much for the Decepticons, and Agoraptor fled Earth, promising to try again. AllSpark Wars


  • While the character of Agoracer (appearing as part of a video game, however tangential) is undeniably official, the character art (pictured above) is not; all copyrights on the winning Design Contest entries were retained by the artists. Yet the ARG's storyline also included a mention that Agoracer had adopted this form. So he officially has a character design which Hasbro does not own. Normally, that sort of thing would be undesirable from a legal standpoint, but the game with which Agoracer is associated features Transformers scanning new vehicle modes like humans change clothes, so it's mostly a non-issue.
  • Agoracer's name, like that of his Decepticon counterpart, Agoraptor, is a reference to Agora Games, the company which managed the Allspark Wars community.


  1. One of the bonus riddles Agoracer posed was a set of four riddles whose answers could be un-scrambled and combined to form the name "Denzel Washington." A later puzzle featured "Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, JT, Ashley Simpson" as one of its clues.
  2. An editorial note on the fourth issue of the community's Zine, "Transformed" (1 month into this period), apologized for its lateness, blaming this on difficulty contacting Agoracer and Agoraptor to find out who had won the design contest.

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