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Rattrap dreams back to prehistoric Earth...


With Megatron safely contained externally, the Maximals aboard the Autobot shuttle take a much-deserved rest. Even Rattrap eventually falls asleep, to dream...

On Earth, Rattrap panics, his self-contained vehicle compromised by the much larger Dinobot 2. Dinobot 2 holds Rattrap in a painfully tight grip, despite Rattrap's attempts to appeal to any remnants of his attacker's former persona.

Suddenly, Rattrap is rescued by Wolfang, Optimus Minor, and Bonecrusher. Rattrap is full of questions, but Optimus Minor simply tells Rattrap that the three new Maximals do not wish to continue as combatants.

Rattrap wakes up aboard the Autobot Shuttle. The nature of his dream is left as a mystery.


Flats: Kenny Li

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