The Air Museum is a human business in the Generation One continuity family.

The Air Museum is located in the suburbs of a small city, not far from Autobot Headquarters, but in the opposite direction from Decepticon Headquarters. Its primary distinguishing features are its bored and inattentive staff, its economically depressed condition (charging only $1.50 admission) and its prime attraction of "Authentic Fighter Planes."

All of these things make the Air Museum a perfect hideout for Starscream when he doesn't want to be found by his fellow Decepticons. He can just transform and power down, trusting that the bored and underpaid staff will not notice the extra exhibit.


Find Your Fate Junior

Blaster traced the Insecticons's high-frequency shatter back to the Air Museum, where they were hiding with Starscream after abducting Sparkplug. He and Buster concealed themselves in a vintage fighter plane until closing so they could discover where the Decepticons had stashed Sparkplug.

They subsequently led Megatron to Starscream's little hidey-hole, the party-poopers. Attack of the Insecticons

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