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The name or term Air Raid refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Air Raid (disambiguation).
Air Raid is an Autobot from the Universe conflict.

Air Raid is a member of the Micromaster Aerialbots.



  • Air Raid (Micromaster Aerialbot, 2007)
Air Raid is a redeco of the Sixwing component Missile Run, transforming into an B-1B Lancer bomber plane. He forms the chest of the Aerialbots' combined mode Superion, though he can also be swapped with Ro-Tor to form the super robot's butt. He comes with the upper legs/hips to said combined robot mode.
Though the Micromaster Aerialbots were apparently originally slated as Kay-Bee stores exclusives, they barely showed up in the ever-shrinking chain. They saw more general release in Europe, and in the States, finally began showing up in other chains like CVS drug stores and Big Lots!.


  • Air Raid (Micromaster Aerialbot, 2007)
The Air Raid toy was released in Europe under the Cybertron line. There are no changes to the toy itself.

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