Alex and "AMBU", his original transforming design.

Alex Kubalsky is a designer at Takaratomy. As an Australian, he is the only foreign toy designer working in Japan.

Toy Design


Transformers (2007)



Universe (2008)


  • Although Kubalsky based Wreckage roughly on the transforming "Stryker" design dropped from the film, his head came from Aaron Archer; as Archer told the story at BotCon 2008, he in fact did Wreckage's head sketch in the airport five minutes before his plane had to take off from Japan (as he was visiting Takara's offices at the time).
  • When designing Longarm, reference from Activision had not arrived, forcing Kubalsky to make up his own transformation scheme and robot design (which intentionally borrowed some elements from Hoist). By the time reference arrived, it was too late in the process to make any major changes, but Kubalsky was able to graft elements from the game model's chest and arms onto the newly-created design (which he felt worked out rather well).
  • High Score 100/Twitcher F451's robot mode design was intentionally modeled on a gorilla.
  • When creating Stockade, he imagined the character as being the "big brother" to the High Score/Twitcher mold, hence the roughly similar proportions and head design between the two.
  • Designed Swerve's robot mode and transformation entirely under a four-week deadline.

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