The Anti-Aircraft Base is a Micromaster vehicle in the Generation One continuity family.
G1anti-aircraft base boxart

In tank mode, only Blackout moves at super sonic speed.

The Anti-Aircraft Base is a massive tank driven by the Decepticon Micromaster Combiners Spaceshot and Blackout. It is armed with a turret-mounted twin 50mm cannon, a triple missile launcher and a bazooka, has an extensive radar equipment, and can even attack underwater! When transforming, it separates into a small green scout vehicle that races at a staggering speed of more than Mach 1 and into a big base with repair bays, a helipad and several weapon stations. With the cunning Micromaster duo commanding it, the Anti-Aircraft Base often emerges victorious from the battlefield.


Generation One

  • Micromaster Combiner Decepticon Anti-Aircraft Base (1990)
    • Accessories: Blackout & Spaceshot Micromasters, bazooka, scout vehicle, "radar drum", missile launcher, 2 ramps, communications dish, 2 anti-aircraft guns (left & right)
G1 Anti-Aircraft Base toy

"No one will notice our stealthy orange, green and purple tank! Victory is ours!"

The Anti-Aircraft Base in tank mode resembles the Gepard anti-aircraft tank. In base mode its turret and the scout vehicle as well as several other places can be manned by Micromaster figures. It came with Spaceshot and Blackout, who combine into a blue B-1 bomber.

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