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Specifics: Fiction, toy
Anti-Blaze is a Mini-Con from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

It's Wheeljack's and Laser Magnus' smaller cousin.

After the defeat of Unicron, Anti-Blaze, a junior member of the Mini-Con Council of Sages, argued strongly for complete Mini-Con independence, even refusing the help of the Autobots in setting up their colonies on Cybertron's moons. Anti-Blaze thought it best for the Mini-Cons to establish themselves on their own.

Two decades later, Anti-Blaze has come to regret this decision, as now the Unicron Singularity threatens the moons with annihilation, and the Mini-Cons are cut off from the aid they now desperately need. To make matters worse, Anti-Blaze has to contend with rebels within his own faction. Though he is not a fighter himself, he now takes up arms against the Sky Terror Mini-Con Team who plan to use the chaos caused by the black hole to send the Mini-Cons back into the hands of the Decepticons!

Pre-release name: Bonfire


Fun Publications Cybertron comic

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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  • Thrust vs. Anti-Blaze (Mini-Con 2-pack, 2006)
Anti-Blaze is a redeco of the Armada Emergency Mini-Con Team member Firebot, transforming into both a crash-response truck and a (non-firing) multi-missile launcher. He was available only in a two-pack with the Sky Terror Mini-Con Team leader Thrust.
He uses the same mold as Cluster and Quench, while a slightly retooled version of the mold is used by Graviton.


  • Anti-Blaze's base plastics appear to be an "inversion" of Graviton's; where Graviton is primarily dark stony-blue with gunmetal accents, Anti-Blaze is gunmetal with stony-blue accents.

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