The Atomic Man is a human from the Generation One continuity family.

Mike Power, the Atomic Man was born disabled, and worked tirelessly to replace his useless limbs with mighty mechanical prosthetics. Few can withstand his devastating atomic punch, making him a valued member of the Adventure Team.


Devil's Due G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers continuity

In 1978, the Atomic Man accompanied Joe Colton and Chok-Pa to the Himalayas of Tibet, where they foiled the plans of General Mihai. Fleeing Mihai's forces, Power shielded his teammates from the firepower of the general's jet fighters with his invulnerable limbs, but was unprepared for both sides to come under attack from the forces of Cobra-La. Power's atomic punch briefly staggered Bludgeon, but the Atomic Man was soon felled by the Pretender's sword in front of his horrified friends. Black Horizon, Part 1

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