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This article is about the RID race-car driver. For G1 race-car driver, see Auggie Cahnay (G1).
Auggie Cahnay is a human character in the Robots in Disguise continuity family.
Auggie rid

Live fast, die young.

Auggie Cahnay was a world-class race car driver. Now he's dead.

Japanese name: Goldback


Robots in Disguise cartoon

Auggie Cahnay was a world-famous race car driver tragically killed in a racing accident. He'd won every major race in the world- except the International Grand Prix. Koji Onishi was a huge fan of Auggie.

The Autobot Skid-Z became infected with (some would say possessed by) Auggie's fierce competitiveness when he scanned his car as the basis for his earth mode. Skid-Z's Choice

Auggie's car

Auggie formula1

Because a big hard man deserves a really small car.

Auggie spent so much time in his Formula 1 racer, he bragged the car was almost part of him. After his death, the car was put on display in an automotive museum along with some of his winning gear.

Skid-Z thought it was a shame such a nice car was going to waste as a display piece, and scanned it to use as his Earth vehicle.

Auggie's Formula-1 racer had a gold Autobot symbol on it for some reason.


  • Auggie's Japanese name, Goldback, was seemingly an inexplicable reference to Goldbug's Japanese name.

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