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"Remember, a Prime can feel the Matrix flowing through him."
"You mean it controls your actions?"
"Partially, but it also obeys your command."

The auto-combatants are drones used by Autobots (and presumably other Cybertronians) to practice fighting while in long voyages.


The Transformers cartoon

Hot Rod sparred with an auto-combatant while the group is on their way to Cybertron. It managed to knock him out, and Hot Rod was about to strike back when it called a time-out when the Decepticons attack. The Transformers: The Movie

Dreamwave Generation 1 comics

Hubcap, Swerve, Red Alert and Pipes were pitted against some auto-combatants at training. Black Sunshine

Shattered Glass

The auto-combantants were solid holograms that could be generated by computer in a specifically-designed room. Shattered Glass

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