Autobot Super Scramble is an unnamed Autobot combiner in the Generation One continuity family.

Call me . . . DEFPUTION! Err, no, that sounds horrible. Compernsor? Supenstron? Okay, "Supenstron", that's not half bad . . .

Autobot Super Scramble is a Scramble City-type combiner composed of Transformers from three different subgroups.

He is made up of:

These members give Autobot Super Scramble high intelligence, speed, and firepower.

His bad guy counterpart is Decepticon Super Scramble.

Original Japanese name: Cybertron Super Scramble


Autobot Super Scramble toy

Scramby shouldn't be!

There hasn't been an official release of Autobot Super Scramble, but he can be created with the appropriate toys from the Technobots, Aerialbots, and Protectobots.


  • Autobot Super Scramble's only media appearance is an issue of "TV Magazine"[1]

See also


  1. TV Magazine Color Special #33 Transformer: The Headmasters, cover and pages scans provided by Monzo.

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