Autorollers, Roll Out! is the tenth episode of Beast Wars II. It first aired in Japan on June 03, 1998 on TV Tokyo.




At the Destron base, the Autorollers decide that they need to break from the Destrons and form their own faction. They know they are too small in numbers, so Autostinger suggests a solution.

In a forest on Gaea, the Autorollers split up into two, with Autostinger and Autojetter going off together. Diver and Bighorn have seen this and decide to follow those two. Autostinger and Autojetter arrive at the top of a cliff and transform into robot mode. Soon, they are doused by water above as Big Mos and Tonbot arrive. Autostinger starts talking to the Insectrons as they transform and land. Autostinger reminisces as he recalls how he spared Big Mos's life long ago. Autostinger uses this to insist that Big Mos owes him back for saving his life. Big Mos agrees to assist. Diver, behind some rocks on the cliff, has overhead this all.

Diver has returned to base and explains what he overheard to the group. Bighorn and Tasmanian Kid journey to find the Insectrons, when Autostinger attacks. The Autorollers continue to attack Bighorn and Kid as the Insectrons follow behind the Autorollers. The Insectrons soon retreat and the Autorollers follow them. At the Destron base, Megastorm and crew spy on the Autorollers.

In the cave to which the Insectrons retreated, Autostinger and Autojetter arrive. The Autorollers wonder why Big Mos didn't obey them, while Big Mos wonders if what he is doing is right.

At the Cybertron base, the crew watches footage from the recent attack (much to Kid's dismay). Apache wanders off to meet up with Big Mos and Tonbot. As Apache discusses why they are siding with the Autorollers, Apache is attacked by a series of missile attacks from the side. Apache and the Insectrons barely avoid being hit. Lioconvoy shows up and fires at Autostinger. Big Mos flies to Autostinger and grabs him before he is hit. After setting him down, Big Mos and Autostinger argue about the agreement. As Lioconvoy and Apache attempt to discuss what's going on, the Autorollers and Insectrons escape to the cave.

Lioconvoy and Apache head to the cave, and soon discover that Kid has discovered a way in. Inside the cave, Autostinger and Big Mos argue about the arrangement, and a fight ensues as the Cybertrons spy on the fight. Outside the cave, Starscream and BB prepare to fire on the cave and thus destroy some Autorollers, Insectrons, and Cybertrons in one shot. They fire on the cave, which soon starts to collapse on eveyrone inside the cave. Fortunately, all robots survive the cave's destruction and Big Mos's debt is forgiven. Outside the destroyed cave, Lioconvoy and Big Mos agree to peace once more.


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Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub..

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