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A bounty hunter, Axer gained experience by stalking in the slag swamps of Cybertron for microchip smugglers. He utilizes the Turbo Cycle for use in bounty hunting.

After a rescue mission into a black hole, Axer ended up somewhere else, where he joined Galvatron's troops. However, he doesn't particularly like Scourge's leadership of the Decepticons.


IDW comics continuity

Axer was a part of Banzaitron's Decepticon Secret Services team, serving aboard the starship while they raided the Garrus-9 penitentiary. Spotlight: Arcee


Generation One

  • Axer (Action Blaster Vehicle, 1990)
G1Axer toy

Axer? But she seems so nice!

A non-transforming robot action figure, Axer does have hints of an alternate mode to his design, possibly some form of off-road car. He came with the Turbo Cycle, an off-road motorbike with sidecar that can transform into a gun emplacement. The sidecar has a flip-down panel so another Action Master figure can stand on it.
Axer's figure mold was used to make Circuit.

Robots in Disguise

  • Sideways vs Axer (Mega-level 2-pack, 2002)
Part of a Wal-Mart exclusive 2-pack, Robots in Disguise Axer is a redeco of Generation 2 Laser Cycle Road Pig, transforming into a Harley-Davidson Electra Glide motorcycle. His tailpipe has an LED that lights it up, becoming an arm-mounted weapon in robot mode. This mold is slightly different from the original, using the new-mold handlebars that were made for the Laser Cycles' Japanese Microman release.
This mold was also used to make Robot Masters Sideways. It was going to be used for Generation 2 Soundwave, but that release was canceled.


  • Axer was the first Transformers character to cross over physically from one continuity family to another.
  • The 1990 Transformers catalogue calls Axer's vehicle the "Off-Road Cycle". The Axer figure shown also has different coloring from the final version, but then again, so do most of the Action Master toys shown there.
  • Axor, having the same colours and similar name, from the Search For the Decepticons online game, is most likely a rivival of Axer.

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