This article is about the Autobot from the live-action film series. For the Decepticon from Generation 1, see Backfire (G1).
Backfire is an Autobot from the Dark of the Moon portion of the live-action film series continuity family.

It was only natural that Backfire, with as much skill at combat on a crowded road would be paired up with a human specialist in urban warfare.

Spike Witwicky and Backfire make the perfect team. Together, they stalk the Decepticons in secret, through some of the earth’s most crowded and confusing cities.


Transformers (2010)

  • Backfire (Scout Class, 2010)
Backfire is a redeco of Revenge of the Fallen Knock Out, transforming into a red and white racing motorcycle.

Dark of the Moon

  • Spike Witwicky / Backfire (MechTech Human Alliance Basic, 2011)
    • Japanese ID number: DA21
    • Accessories: 2 c joint machineguns
Backfire's transforms into a Can-Am Spyder seen at the beginning of Revenge of the Fallen. He can also turn into a cannon that Spike can ride on. In this mode, he can also be held by larger figures. He comes with two machine guns attached to his body by ball-joints — this is because he doesn't really have hands.
  • Autobot Daredevil Squad (Multi-pack, 2011)
    • Accessories: 2 c joint machineguns

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