Backwind is an Autobot-allied Mini-Con from the Power Core Combiners series.

Backwind cares a great deal about life. That's why he joined up with Searchlight. He is also very strong for a 'bot his size, and he uses his great strength to rescue the injured and trapped from wrecked buildings.


  • Searchlight with Backwind (Commander, 2010)
Backwind is formed from translucent green plastic and sold with black and silver paint. He has a gorilla-like body with hook like claws. On his right arm, he has a Gatling gun moulded into it. He transforms into a gun, a searchlight that can attach to the underside of Searchlight's nose and an armour.
  • Skyburst with Aerialbots (value pack, 2010)


  • At BotCon 2010, Eric Siebenaler mentioned that Backwind's name is meant to be read as "Back Whined" like "winding a rope" instead of the "wind" (breeze).

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