Bandit's Bluff is a location in Generation One

Bandit's Bluff is a cliff on the American coast. It lies along the path from Hidden Valley to Autobot Headquarters, shortly before a city.


The Autobots intercept the Dinobots, who have been induced to rampage by injected cerebro-shells, at Bandit's Bluff.

  • Mirage creates an illusion, tricking the Dinobots into running off the cliff into the ocean.
  • The Autobots stage a mass offensive, discovering that a sharp blow to the head will dislodge the shells and bring the Dinobots back to their senses.
  • Windcharger uses his magnetic field to remove the cerebro-shells, freeing the Dinobots from Insecticon control.

These represent differing outcomes of a multipath adventure. In one outcome, Windcharger inadvertently tears the Dinobots apart with his powerful magnetic field. Dinobots Strike Back

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