Baney aquarium

Baney Aquarium logo, which looks surprisingly like a fishing lure

MF ep 10 When one of the Baney Aquarium's dolphins became ill, the owners sent it to the Ocean Research Institute of California to be cared for by Diver.

The trucker contracted to transport the dolphin was Ginrai, who finished the delivery only after a fateful breakdown that brought him into contact with his Transtector, and incidentally destroyed Baney Aquarium's (thankfully empty) truck trailer.

The dolphin's final fate was unknown.

Baney's Owner

Baney owner

"I'm phoning you from... the future!"

The owner of the Baney Aquarium was very concerned about his aquarium, and on the possible effect on profits the children- were the dolphin to die. He sent it by truck to the research institute, before even calling on his futuristic videophone the size of a microwave to make arrangements for its care!

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