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The Barr Nellison is a bar in the Masterforce portion of Generation One continuity.
Barr nellison


The Barr Nellison is a truckers' bar frequented by drivers for Union Transportation. It features an old-fashioned jukebox atmosphere, and the staff dresses in retro-uniforms that recall genteel values of a bygone day.


Masterforce cartoonEdit

Ginrai arranged to meet his old friend Billy at the Barr Nellison after they'd completed running their cargo. When he arrived, Ginrai discovered that 5 drivers from his company had been killed that day, including Billy. Not one from Union Transportation was willing to risk going back on the road.

Later, Diver and Lander investigated the Barr Nellison looking for Ginrai, but did not find him. Ginrai: God On of Rage!!

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