Barricade as he (may) appear in Transformers: Prime

The name or term Barricade refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Barricade (disambiguation).
Barricade is a Decepticon from Prime continuity family.

Barricade is an aggressive fighter, but seems to question Megatron a lot. He is talented in not often being subjected to Megatron's death threats, which most Decepticons have to suffer.

Barricade questions Megatron, again.

—I hope this dark energon stuff is worth it



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War for Cybertron


I don't ask a lot.

Barricade, along with Megatron and Brawl launched an assault on an orbiting space station under the protection of former Air Commander Starscream. They purposely crash into the station to get in but they have to escape the explosion of the overloading engine of his ship. They seek cover a in small chamber where a hologram of Starscream appears. Megatron argues a bit with him, followed by the hologram disappearing and auto-turrets appearing. Barricade, Megatron, and Brawl destroy the turrets, and are then rescued by some Decepticon troops.

They made their way through the station, Barricade often asking questions and annoying Megatron to a degree. They soon defeated Starscream's troop and gained possession of an energy known as Dark Energon. Megatron mergeed with the little Dark Energon that was left on the station and infused both Brawl and Barricade with this power before they confronted Starscream.

He later appeared to assist in the corrupting of Cybertron's core with Dark Energon.


  • His main weapons are Neutron Assault rifle and an Energon sword.
  • His abilities include an energy shield and an EMP shock wave.
  • It is possible that Megatron likes Barricade to a certain degree. This is supported by the fact that Megatron does not destroy Barricade despite his constant questioning. In the level "Dark Energon" a Decepticon soldier comments on Megatron's plan once and is promptly blasted, but Barricade is never seen to be blasted or threatened with destruction despite his numerous remarks.
  • The boost engine and the pointiness of Barricade's altmode makes him resemble the Batmobile to a certain degree.
  • Barricade is the only playable male Transformer from War for Cybertron to not return in Fall of Cybertron. Not even his chassis was included in multiplayer leading to neither he died during the war or was missing in action. However, he was mentioned in one of the loading screen messages in Fall of Cybertron.