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If you don't stop battling in that box this second, it won't be C10 mint anymore.

Battle in a Box was Hasbro's name for value-priced box sets of Transformers for "market six" retailers in 2004. Each consisted of two redecoed Deluxe toys in a Universe branded box. The composition of the sets, one Autobot and one Decepticon, with Minicons if the original versions had them, gave the short-lived subline its name. Only two such sets were released, although more were planned. G.I. Joe also got one set, much larger (two "Bravo"—i.e. $15 price point—vehicles and six figures) made up of unsold 2003 stock. By the end of 2004, Hasbro altered how they produced Transformers for "market six", and Battle in a Box was no more.

Battle in a Box is similar to the "Vs. Packs" of the Japanese Beast Era toylines, which included two unchanged normal retail figures pitted against each other going by their numerical designation.



  • The Universe Crystal Widow vs Oil Slick set appeared in K-Mart's computers as a Battle in a Box set, but this was not reflected anywhere else, not even having the same style of packaging.

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