This article is about Bazooka, the Beast Wars Neo Predacon. For the G.I. Joe, see Bazooka (G.I. Joe).
Bazooka is a Predacon from the Beast Wars Neo section of the Beast Era.

Bazooka could probably teach Dinobot a thing or two about honor. When Bazooka makes a promise he sees it through to the bitter end. And if the bitter end means a gruesome death then, well, hey, at least he kept his word. This ironclad sense of duty and dedication has made him one of Magmatron's most loyal and appreciated subjects, which is something Bazooka takes great pride in. Alas, Bazooka naively expects the same standards of dedication and honor from his fellow Predacons, which is a pretty foolish thing to believe, considering the company he keeps.


Beast Wars Neo cartoon

Voice actor: Hajime Komada (Japanese)

After Unicron's defeat at the hands of Big Convoy, the Maximals and the Predacons formed an alliance in order to rebuild the ravaged Cybertron.


Who brought the bazooka to the tea party?

As Big Convoy and Magmatron's forces had one last brawl for old times' sake behind them, Bazooka participated in a giant cross-faction party under beautiful cherry blossoms. He shared a drink (tea? sake? oil?) with Artemis, Moon, Crazybolt and Sharp Edge, while Apache and Cohrada slept peacefully nearby (possibly drunk).

Beast Wars Neo manga


Beast Wars Neo

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