Beast Hunters is the second continuety in the Transformers Prime series. All new toys have been leaked out in 2012, some even officially packaged and sold at Toysrus. There will also be a companion T.V. show, originally dubbed Transformers Prime season 3. Old favorites will return and new characters will appear, such as the Predacons. Apparently, Shockwave survived the space bridge accident and is now on Earth unveiling the ferocious Predaking to Megatron, who is seated at his throne on the top of "Dark Mount".


Legion Class

"Series 3" is (thus far) the Cyberverse portion of the Beast Hunters subline imprint of the Prime line, and is therefore co-branded "Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters" and "Cyberverse". The light gimmick is no longer seen. Wave 1

  • Prime Smokescreen with Chain Bolter
  • Prime Twinstrike with Piston Hammer
  • Prime Airachnid with Nova Stinger Bow
  • Prime Bumblebee with Eagleshot Bow (retool of Prime Bumblebee)

Wave 2

  • Prime Soundwave with Sonic Saw
  • Prime Prowl with Justice Hammer
  • Prime Hun-Gurrr with Dragontooth Saw

Commander Class

Wave 1

  • Prime Optimus Prime with Thunder Lance
  • Prime Predaking with Cybervenom Rocket
  • Prime Bulkhead with Nova Hammer (retool of Series 2 Bulkhead)

Wave 2

  • Prime Hardshell with Plague Missile Launcher
  • Prime Trailcutter with Howler Missile Launcher (retool of Series 2 Ironhide)

Wave 3

  • Prime Starscream with Thunder Talon (retool of Series 2 Starscream)
  • Prime Shockwave with Hyperflux Cannon


Wave 1

  • Sky Claw with Prime Smokescreen (redeco of single pack Legion Class release)
  • Apex Hunter Armor with Prime Breakdown (retool of Bumblebee Battle Suit and redeco of single pack Legion Class Breakdown)

Store exclusives


Abominus Combiner 5-pack contains:

  • Prime Blight
  • Prime Hun-Gurrr
  • Prime Rippersnapper
  • Prime Twinstrike
  • Prime Windrazor


For this subline, on-package bios were reduced in length to just a sentence or two, and the instruction sheets instead feature facts about one of the figure's main weapons, as well as a chapter of the Tales of the Beast Hunters prose story, each of which focuses on the appropriate character in addition to continuing an ongoing story.

Deluxe Class

Series 2 It was stated on Hasbro's Toy Fair 2013 Press Release that there were 16 planned Deluxes in the Beast Hunters line.

Wave 1

  • Bumblebee with Firing Eagleshot Bow and Chapter 1 (retool/redeco of Prime: Robots in Disguise Bumblebee)
  • Soundwave with Ravage, Talon Grapple Cannon, and Chapter 2 (retool/redeco of Prime: Robots in Disguise Soundwave)
  • Lazerback with Toxic Strike Blaster and Chapter 3
  • Wheeljack with Disc-Launching Falcon Spear and Chapter 4 (retool/redeco of Prime: Robots in Disguise Wheeljack)

Wave 2

  • Starscream with Clenching Thunder Talon and Chapter 7
  • Ripclaw with Snapping Siphon Claw and Chapter 8
  • Bulkhead with Spinning Dragon Grinder and Chapter 9
  • Smokescreen with Electronet Launcher, Shadow Quill Armor, and Chapter 10

Wave 3

  • Skystalker with Cryostrike Double Disc Launchers and Chapter 12
  • Autobot Ratchet with Spinning Dragonshredder Drill and Chapter 13 (retool/redeco of Prime: Robots in Disguise Autobot Ratchet)
  • Dreadwing with Dread Assault Cannon and Chapter 14

Wave 4

  • Vertebreak with Hyena Cannon (redeco of Lazerback)
  • Arcee (retool/redeco of Prime: Robots in Disguise Arcee)
  • Knock Out (retool/redeco of Prime: Robots in Disguise Knock Out)

Voyager Class

Series 2 It was stated on Hasbro's Toy Fair 2013 Press Release that there were 6 planned Voyagers in the Beast Hunters line.

Wave 1

  • Optimus Prime with Ionic Pulse Launchers/Eaglefire Missile Launchers, Star Saber, and Chapter 5
  • Predaking with Twin Hydrafire Blasters and Chapter 6

Wave 2

  • Shockwave with Spinning Hyperflux Cannon, Snap-on Beast Armor, and Chapter 11

Wave 3

  • Grimwing with Blackbeak Grapple Launcher and Chapter 15
  • Ultra Magnus with the Forge of Solus Battle Hammer (retool/redeco of Prime: Robots in Disguise Optimus Prime)

Ultimate Class

  • Beast Hunter Optimus Prime
  • Beast Fire Predaking

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