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Following along the same lines of Generations, IDW Publishing next began a series of Marvel UK reprints focusing on collections of stories similar to those previously published by Titan Books. The first of these was Target: 2006, immediately followed by several series under the moniker Best of UK. The Best of UK series, along with Target:2006, were much like Generations, in that they featured brand new covers that were either recreations of the original cover or a depiction of some important scene in the issue. However, unlike Generations, these comics were sold at full price ($3.99 U.S.).

Three series have been produced or are in production, and at least one more is planned.

Items of note

  • These collections are not necessarily the same as their Titan counterparts. The Dinobots collection included a story from the Marvel U.S. series to round out the pattern of containing two stories (or parts) per issue. Space Pirates started with issue #182, while the Titan reprint began with stories from earlier.

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