Bighorn's Rage is the third episode of Beast Wars II. It first aired in Japan on April 15, 1998 on TV Tokyo.



After seeing a red flower, Bighorn snaps... and the Predacons are in for a world of trouble!


As Tasmania Kid and Bighorn wander through a field beside the Yukikaze, Kid plucks a flower from the ground and shows it to Bighorn, commenting that he thinks the whole field is a bit on the gaudy side. The red hue of flower sends the pent-up Bighorn into a rage, and he repeatedly headbutts a rock wall as he roars about the current lack of action. Meanwhile, aboard the ship, Apache and Navi-chan report to Lio Convoy that they are unable to get a fix on the Predacons' ship. Lio Convoy arranges for an on-foot search of the planet, and Scuba and Diver go outside to inform Kid and Bighorn. Bighorn roars with delight and immediately stampedes off, followed by Kid; Diver turns to suggest that he and Scuba go in the opposite direction, but Scuba has already gone off on his own. Elsewhere, aboard the Galvaburg II, with Galvatron still unconscious after his experience with the ancient Gaean computer, Megastorm continues to command the Predacons toward his own ends. Megastorm instructs the Combatrons to find Lio Convoy, to merely report his location, so that he can destroy the Maximal leader himself. The four jets head out, and Starscream and BB soon come across Bighorn and Tasmania Kid in a forest. Bighorn takes offence when they try to ignore him and go on with their mission, so BB distracts him with a barrage of bombs so that they can go on their way. Up in the Moon, Artemis watches the whole thing, agreeing that Bighorn is right to be so annoyed after being ignored. Somewhere nearby, Thrust and Dirge have taken Megastorm's mission less than seriously, and are sitting around complaining about him when Bighorn comes charging towards them. They sidestep his charge, realising that he can't turn very well, but once he transforms to robot mode, a hail of missiles suddenly comes streaming down out of the sky, collapsing a cliff on top of all three of them. This is, of course, Starscream and BB's doing: they're out to take Thrust and Dirge out of the running and get all the credit for finding Lio Convoy, and they fly off before Bighorn can dig himself out. Emerging from the rubble, Bullhorn is met only by the sight of Kid, teasing him that once again, the bad buys have left before he can fight them. Ultimately, it is Diver who strikes it lucky, coming across the Galvaburg II berthed in a crevasse. As he radios in his discovery, Megastorm emerges from the craft to search out Lio Convoy himself, and immediately spots Diver hiding behind some rocks. Diver flees as Megstorm opens fire, but the Predacon pursues, seeking to capture the Maximal and force Lio Convoy's location from him. Diver radios for help, and his transmission is picked up by Kid and Bighorn (who has been busy plucking flower petals to see if he can or cannot go on a rampage). The pair quickly arrive to help Diver, and Bighorn body-slams Megastorm, who is not especially happy that he's being confronted with minions, instead of Lio Convoy himself. Starscream and BB show up and are ordered by Megastorm to deal with Bighorn, but the fighting-mad Maximal takes them both down by returning the favour and collapsing a cliff on them. Enraged, Megastorm transforms to tank mode and prepares to fire his cannon, but it takes so long to charge that Bighorn is able to slam into him before he can open fire. Megastorm is content to weather the beating and wait, and once his cannon reaches full charge, the blast tears up the surrounding landscape, with even a glancing blow sending Bighorn flying off into the distance. Lio Convoy and Apache arrive as the smoke clears, and Lio Convoy tells Bighorn that he can stand down, but Bighorn refuses. BB and Starscream burst out from under the rocks and try to take on Lio Convoy, but with a little help from Apache, he takes them both down, leaving Bighorn to face off with Megastorm again. Bighorn calls out to Kid to give him a hand, instructing him to pull on his tail. Kid is confused, but as Megastorm's cannon nears full charge again, Bighorn insists, and Kid complies. Tugging on Bighorn's tail activates his special ability, the "Buffalo Missile", which blasts Megastorm off into the sky. As the injured Predacons escape aboard the Galvaburg II, Bighorn sighs with relief, and announces that he feels relaxed now. A little later, back in the field by the Yukikaze, Diver shows Tasmania Kid a flower that he plans to give Bighorn as a little reward for such a great fight. Before Kid can stop him, Bullhorn spots the red flower from a distance, and comes roaring towards them...!


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  • This episode's featurette, narrated by Lio Convoy, showcases the Maximals' special weapons, highlighting the shocking literalness with which the show interprets Bighorn's toy gimmick and foreshadowing Apache's third mode. Lio Convoy opts not to talk about himself.