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Blast Off is a Decepticon from Prime continuity family.

Blast Off is a Decepticon and a Combaticon.

Russian name (game): Взрыв (Vzryv, "Explosion")


IDW comics continuity

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Fall of Cybertron

Voice actor: Keith Silverstein (English)

While the Autobots used a refinery transport to relocate a large amount of Energon, Blast Off was sent with Vortex to scout the transport and clear a path for Brawl. However they were constantly under attack, and Blast Off had to abandon Vortex so that he could catch up with the transport. After eyeing the transport's heavy defences, he met up with Swindle and helped escort him to the trnasport's underbelly to sabotage it. Blast Off and the Combaticons later combined into Bruticus to bring the transport down, however Starscream then had Blast Off and the other Combaticons arrested for treason after they had ignored his orders to abort the mission.

When Megatron was restored by Soundwave and drove off Starscream, Blast Off helped bring down the former Air Commander's statues, and began chatting with Vortex. During the battle between the Nemesis and the Ark, Blast Off formed Bruticus with the other Combaticons. However Jazz and Jetfire knocked the combiner out into space.

Blast Off's fate because of this is unclear. Fall of Cybertron



  • Blast Off (Deluxe, 2012)
    • Accessories:
Blast Off is a deluxe-scaled figure that turns into a Cybertronian Jet. He comes with a pair of pistol weapons, and is capable of forming the right arm for the Bruticus mode with the other Combaticon figures.


  • He is the only Combaticon available through DLC in FoC.
  • He "blasts Autobots by choice, not command."