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Robert N. "Bob" Skir is an American writer. He has written for numerous television shows (often with Marty Isenberg), such as Batman the Animated Series, Sam & Max: Freelance Police!, and Extreme Ghostbusters.

Skir and Isenberg were the story editors for the Beast Machines cartoon. Initially, Skir went out of his way to make himself accessible to the fandom, but soon found himself bearing the brunt of fan hostility when the series proved far more controversial than expected, enough to bow out of a BotCon appearance. In particular, his stated preference towards writing heroes who don't use guns has been turned into a notorious misquote that sparks controversy to this day.

Co-story editor Marty Isenberg, who stayed out of the limelight, managed to avoid most of this spectacle. The lesson here reflects badly on us all.


Beast Machines cartoon

Transformers Legends anthology

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