Bosch is an alien from the Generation One continuity family.

Move over Kenny Rogers.

Bosch is an alien gambler who travels through the galaxy searching for ways to make a quick energon chip in order to feed his gambling habit. He will even go as far as to enslave unsuspecting travelers whom he picks up from space, as he did with a band of Autobots he stumbled across.

In spite of this, he is not actually evil, just your average alien in need of Gamblers Anonymous. He is able to be reasoned with and ultimately means no harm to anyone. He finds a kindred spirit in Smokescreen, who also appreciates a good gamble.


Cartoon continuity

Voice actor: John Stephenson (U.S), Toshio Ishii (Japan)

On their way home from an alien planet in a "toy rocket ship", Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Smokescreen, Inferno and Perceptor were picked up by Bosch's starship. The alien introduced himself, then proceeded to trap the Autobots in separate cylindrical chambers, immobilize them and zap them with a ray that robbed them of their free will. Smokescreen's chamber malfunctioned, and he was able to escape.

Knowing that he couldn't free his friends and reinstate their free will without Bosch's cooperation, Smokescreen tried to reason with him. Upon discovering that Bosch was a gambler, Smokescreen bet that he could beat a slot machine that Bosch had created. Bosch naturally accepted. Smokescreen used a cord from his wrist to secretly zap the machine, rigging it so that he won.

Bosch, seeing a chance to make some quick energon chips, made a deal with Smokescreen to free the other Autobots if they made a killing on the gambling planet of Monacus. Smokescreen acquiesced, but being broke, they were forced to use the other Autobots as collateral in exchange for fifty energon chips at 500% interest from Lord Gyconi, an arena owner...the catch being that they had to return in an hour to reclaim the Autobots or they would belong to Gyconi.

Smokescreen won it big for a time, but became reckless and lost it all on one bet when an outsider interfered with Smokescreen's wrist cord. Bosch and Smokescreen went back to Lord Gyconi to discover that he had already arranged for the enslaved Autobots to take part in a match to the death with his "Animaliens."

With the help of Devcon, Bosch, and Slizardo, Smokescreen was able to free his friends before they were taken back to Earth by Astrotrain under Decepticon control. The Gambler

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