Botropolis is a location in the Go-Bots continuity.

Botropolis is a city that rests on the head of a comet flying in our system. Since the dawn of time, it is home to Botropolians and to the Go-Bots.



Botropolis is inhabited by Botropolians and by Go-Bots. Since the dawn of time, it has rested on the head of a comet. Annually, it is the responsibility of the Go-Bot Council to select Go-Bots to assemble a team and assign them to a planet that they believe needs assistance the most. When this team is constructed, they must depart from Botropolis and traverse the stars for their assigned planet to protect, where they will protect the planet for a year. This year, the team is comprised of Aero-Bot "the best", Speed-Bot "the fastest", Strong-Bot "the strongest, Beast-Bot "the wildest" and Buzzer-Bot "the smartest", and their assigned planet is ours.

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