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Brainstorm is a character introduced in the Transformers: The Headmasters television series. He was originally a Cybertron refugee called Cana who left Seibertron during one of its many civil wars. To better tolerate the harsh conditions on the planet Master, he became a Headmaster capable of transforming into a Seibertron Jet Fighter. He later rejoined the other Cybertrons during the Fourth Seibertron Civil War in 2011.


4 Million Years Ago

Cana left the planet Seibertron on a refugee ship led by Cerebros. After undergoing harsh training, he was among the inhabitants of Master to use Headmaster technology to gain larger and more powerful bodies. Thus, he became Brainstorm. The Mystery of Planet Master


Brainstorm, believing he was the match of the Decepticon leader, challenged Megatron's march on Zel Samine as his forces made their way through an array of wind turbines. They handed his aft to him, leaving Brainstorm shocked and confused; how could his frontal attack against superior forces have failed?

He retreated to formulate a new plan. PS2 Game


  • In the anime, Brainstorm has a teal color which matches his toy better than his American counterpart. However, he does not have a faceplate like the toy does.
  • His voice actor in the RTM 1 dub is John Culkin, who provided the English voice of two of Jackie Chan's characters; Kevin Chan in the Police Story and Asian Hawk in Armor of God. John Culkin also provides the voice for Rippersnapper and Spacepunch/Counterpunch.