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Brainstorm is a character introduced in season 4 of The Transformers. Brainstorm is an Autobot scientist and Headmaster. He transforms into a Cybertronian Jet Fighter and his Headmaster partner is Arcana. It was Brainstorm who first came up with the ideas of Binary Bonding and Headmaster technology.

Personality & Character

Brainstorm believes that all of society's problems can be resolved so long as ideas can be developed free of outside constraints. This is understandable, as Brainstorm is a never-ending font of ideas. Even when he isn't consciously working on one of his projects or even when he's in the middle of a fight, new ideas are the background noise of his mind. Brainstorm thinks so much, he sometimes causes his brain to overheat. He looks forward to a time when military demands no longer frame his creative output.




Brainstorm was first seen on Cybertron, touting his new theory that an integration of human and Autobot would dramatically enhance their fighting abilities. Most of the other Autobots, though, thought he was a crackpot. Things turned around when he and a group of Autobots met a band of freedom fighters while stranded on the planet Nebulos. With several comrades kidnapped and the safety of the key to the Plasma Energy Chamber in jeopardy, the Autobots arranged to bond with the Nebulan soldiers. Their heads were reconstructed to accommodate Nebulan passengers and then "transform" around their partners as personal battle armor. The Rebirth, Part 1

Arcana in his Exosuit upon Brainstorm

With the help of their partners, the Autobot Headmasters freed their comrades and drove off the Decepticons. Unfortunately, their foes then joined forces with the freedom fighters' enemies, a group of evil machinesmiths called the Hive. They also created a new form of binary bonding called Targetmasters. The revitalized Decepticons returned and engaged the Autobots in battle anew. Mindwipe detected the key on Brainstorm and managed to disarm him. Several Hive agents then swarmed Brainstorm and removed the key from him, but he was able to run a full spectrum exo-scan on Nightstick, one of the Targetmaster partners, before they got away. With that information, Brainstorm was able to recreate the Targetmaster process for the Autobots. The Rebirth, Part 2

Returning to Cybertron in pursuit of the key and the new Decepticon city-base, Scorponok, Brainstorm and the others joined forces with Optimus Prime, and their partners were instrumental in reversing the chamber's power to usher in a new Golden Age for Cybertron. In the aftermath, Brainstorm and the Headmasters returned to Nebulos to clear out the Hive's machines and restore the planet to peace and prosperity. The Rebirth, Part 3


  • To be accurate to the toy, Brainstorm has a faceplate unlike his Japanese counterpart but his color-scheme is less accurate being dark green in the cartoon and teal in both the toy and anime.