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Generation One

G1Brainstorm toy

Brainstorm toy

  • Brainstorm (1987)
    • Japanese ID number: C-104
    • Accessories: "Arcana" Headmaster pilot, left & right "High-Energy Photon Pulse Cannons"
Intended to represent Brainstorm (Primax)/984.17 Alpha and Brainstorm (Primax)/785.06 Alpha.
Brainstorm transforms into a turquoise Cybertronic fighter craft. Both of Brainstorm's twin pistols attach to the front of his alt-mode's nosecone to extend it and augment it with two canard wings. As with all larger Headmaster toys, Brainstorm features both a cockpit suitable for his partner, Arcana, to sit in and an abbreviated Tech Specs bar graph inside his chest hidden under a hinged panel. When a compatible Headmaster head is plugged into the socket on Brainstorm's body, the bars will show three of that character's Tech Specs.


  • Voyager Brainstorm

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