Breakdown is one of the fastest Decepticons. Though he mostly avoids contact with the enemy at all costs. His job is to observe and report, not fight. That's why he's geared for speed, not battle, unfortunately for him.


Transformers: Nefarious


In Wendover, Utah, Breakdown is leading Dirt Boss and Reverb on a mission given to them by Soundwave. They arrive at an old scrap yard. They are searching for an object, they start levelling the area, blasting a crushing every thing. Breakdown finds an entrance to lower levels, he investigates. A red warning light starts flashing. Soundwave instructs them to leave at once as it is a booby trap. The place blows up, they get out just in time.

While the 'Cons are fleeing, a NEST cargo plane drops Sideswipe and Ironhide off. After Breakdown shoots at Sideswipe, he goes for Breakdown, catches him by surprise and slices him in half. Killing the Decepticon. Nefarious issue 2

Titan Magazines

Located in Bloemfontein, South Africa, is the NEST maximum-security containment facility and Bludgeon is about to escape. Breakdown looks on as he reveals a Scalpel from his arm, who cuts through Bludgeon's chains. He pulls out his Katana. He brakes through the cage.


NEST detect the breach and send Smokescreen, Brawn and Wideload to counter. Bludgeon frees Breakdown. After Breakdown insults Bludgeon, he disciplines him by stabbing Breakdown through the Spark chamber, killing the Decepticon. Inside Out!


  • Breakdown (Scout, 2009)
Breakdown transforms into a Lamborghini-esque sports car, with his G1 colours.

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