Breaking into Nemesis is the thirty-seventh episode of Beast Wars II. It first aired in Japan on January 13, 1999 on TV Tokyo.




As the Cybertron shuttle approaches the Nemesis, Galvatron fires the artificial planet's defense cannons at the ship. The resulting fire hits the ship and sends it crashing into the Nemesis' surface. Gigastorm and the Cyber Beasts arrive at the shuttle and enter it to take the Cybertrons hostage. However, the Cybertrons are not inside the shuttle. Hellscream looks at the monitor and sees that a countdown is in progress. As the shuttle explodes, the Cybertrons land on the Nemesis after ditching the shuttle in the sky and taking a ride down to the surface on the Tako-Tank. Navi locates an entrance to the core of the Nemesis, and Lioconvoy orders Scuba to follow him with the Tako-Tank. Lio Jr is angered that Lioconvoy didn't want him to go, but Lioconvoy ensures him that its for the best. As Lioconvoy, Scuba, and the Tako-Tank decend down a pit in the Nemesis, Magnaboss combines to battle the Cyber Beasts and Gigastorm that have arrived back on site.

Underneath the surface, Lioconvoy, Scuba, and the Tako-Tank encounter Galvatron. Above, the Cybertrons and Destrons carry on the fight. Down below again, Galvatron attempts to use one of the spear from his elbows to destroy Lioconvoy, but Lioconvoy avoids any damage. Scuba uses the Tako-Tank to spray ink at Galvatron and temporarily blind him. While Galvatron struggles to clear his vision, Lioconvoy orders Scuba to use the Tako-Tank to find the Nemesis' energy source and destroy it. Soon, Galvatron and Lioconvoy continue to fight as Scuba leaves. Galvatron fights off Lioconvoy's advances, attacks in drill mode, and then attacks in dragon mode. Galvatron then contacts the Nemesis via a mind link and orders it to absorb energy from Gaea. Above ground, the Nemesis starts to shake and energize as the two sides continue their fight. Energy geysers all over Gaea spout and travel all the way to the Nemesis. As the Angolmois Energy reaches the Nemesis, the Cybertrons stop fighting and watch in fear. The energy travels inside the Nemesis and surrounds Lioconvoy during his fight with Galvatron. With Lioconvoy in grave danger, his Matrix Energy fluxes and Lio Jr feels it surge. He detaches from Magnaboss (forcing Santon and Skywarp to revert to robot mode) and travels down one of the Angolmois chambers to save Lioconvoy.


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Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub..

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