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A Breast Animal (ha ha) is a drone in the Victory portion of the Generation One continuity family.

A Breast Animal (snicker), or Breastar, is an awkwardly-named symbiotic drone-type thing generally stored in the breastplate of a member of the Breastforce (heh, heh...). In a fashion similar to Soundwave's tape minions, Breast Animals (hee-hee-hee!) can be ejected from the host's chest to do their master's bidding, be it kicking Autobot skidplate, retrieving data from behind enemy lines, or getting a cold beer out of the fridge. They can also form weapons and are an excellent butt to a myriad of off-color jokes.

The Breast Animals include:


Victory cartoon

Victory manga


  • If you read this entire page without at least snickering, you may want to consider getting your head checked.
  • As was previously mentioned, Deathcobra's Breast Animal has never been seen in either breastplate or beast mode. It's also never been named.

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