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File:Brute Vs Heavy Soldier.png
:Brutes are a body-type from Prime continuity family.

Ratchet battles a Brute. Goodbye Ratchet.

A Brute is a soldier that wields an energon shield and hammer. The Brute likes to charge at any transformer of the opposite faction it passes by. A Brute is a tough, merciless opponent to go up against, but has a weak battery cell on its back that can be destroyed to render the Brute into an energon mist.


  • The brutes can fold up his hammer and replace it with a Thermo Rocket Launcher. it also has a ground pound attack which causes you to be unable to aim for a period of time.
  • Autobot brutes seem able to fold out thier shield, confirming that it's something they always carry, even in prison cells.

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