Brute mode is an alternate transformation from the Unicron Trilogy.

"Go away, or I'll call the Brute Mode."
"I'm in the Brute Mode."
"You are the Brute Mode!"

While all the younger whippersnappers were busy powering themselves up via powerlinx combinations, older guys like Landmine and Bulkhead pack their own one-man powerup units. These units form part of their vehicle modes, and can combine with their base robot modes to form a power- enhanced brute mode.


Energon cartoon

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  • Energon Command Class Autobots, 2004
Brute modes are the primary gimmick of the two Energon-specific Autobot Command Class molds. Each comes with a vehicle mode accessory, which transforms independently of the robot, forming an accessory (a walking combat drone for the Bulkhead/Quickstrike mold; a small battle platform for Landmine/Landquake.) The accessories can then combine with the robot mode to create the brute mode.
By chance, the recycled Armada mold for Ultra Magnus, sold at the same price point, is thematically similar, as his Mini-Con robot mode combines with its trailer to form a much larger robot.