The name or term Bruticus refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Bruticus (disambiguation).
Bruticus Maximus is a Decepticon in the Revenge of the Fallen portion of the live-action film Continuity family.
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The combined form of the Combaticons

Slow and stupid might be considered drawbacks in most warriors, but not Bruticus Maximus. In him, these traits simply serve to highlight just strong and indestructible he is. He is one of the strongest and toughest Decepticons ever built, with enough power to pulverize most Autobots in a single blow. Missiles and artillery bounce harmlessly off his armor, and high-powered lasers just annoy him. Most Autobots consider any battle in which Bruticus Maximus takes part in a losing proposition.


Titan Magazines


Revenge of the Fallen

  • Bruticus Maximus (2009)
  • Power Core Combiners Bombshock with Combaticons (2010)

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