Bullet Train to the Rescue is the third episode of Robots in Disguise. It first aired in the United States on September 12, 2001 on Fox Kids.




Gas Skunk and Slapper attack unmanned trains. Each time, they're successful, but Sky-Byte insists on accusing them of wasting their time. The Autobots watch a documentary on the Linear RFG, an automated train set to make its first run today. Koji is excited to be able to ride on the train, but Prime, aware of the recent railroad incidents, keeps a watchful eye. He and the three Autobot brothers plan on following the train in case the Predacons try some shenanigans. As anticipated, the Predacons are up to their regular hijinx and plant an explosive to sabotage the train's track where the tracks cross over a bridge. Side Burn and Prowl engage the Predacons, while Prime radios the train's command center in hopes of halting the train before it reaches the scene of the battle. But because of Dark Scream's meddling, communication with the train is shut off. To save the day, the Autobots need to call on the help of Team Bullet Train. T-AI radios the three members of the team. Each of them abandons his human passengers and rushes across the space bridge to meet with Optimus and the Linear RFG. Prime leaves the three to their own affairs so he can assist in fighting off the Predacons planting a bomb on the track ahead. Team Bullet Train radios Koji and asks him to request that the driver use the manual override to slow down the train, but the brakes aren't working and the train is speeding up, scaring the passengers. With the easy solution unavailable, Midnight Express has the brilliant idea to coat the track with glue. Instead, the trains have the better idea of slowing the train down by linking up with it. Ahead, the Predacons withdraw from the conflict, leaving the Autobots stuck with a damaged bridge. The Linear RFG rolls towards the gap, despite the additional weight of the three Autobots trying to anchor it. So Optimus converts into his super mode and attempts literally to catch the trains to block them from derailing. Prime is successful, and the train comes to a stop before anything goes into the chasm. Sky-Bye tries one last chance to ruin the day, but Side Burn wrecks Sky-Byte's footing and aim. Once the train has been moved across the gap and trolleys away, Megatron arrives and battles Team Bullet Train. The three trains combine into Rail Racer and use their "Super Turbo Punch" against the Predacon leader. Overpowered, the Predacons leave. With the menace defeated, Team Bullet Train gets back to work, and the Linear RFG completes its inaugural run.


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Original airdate: Written by: Steve Kramer

Notable quotes

"There's nothing going on here that would concern you."

Gas Skunk attempts the Jedi mind trick on Prowl

"How about coating the entire track with glue! That would slow it up."
"Dude, I'm gonna pretend you didn't say that."

Midnight Express fails to impress Rapid Run with his problem-solving abilities.

Side Burn: Wow, how come we can't do that?
Prowl: I don't know, I think they're double-jointed.
Side Burn: Maybe they can teach us how to do that.
X-Brawn: I was never a good student.
Side Burn: Come to think of it, I wouldn't want to fuse with you guys anyway.

—The Autobot Brothers, after watching Team Bullet Train combine into Rail Racer

"We came by to help you clean up the mess. But now it looks like somebody is trying to Mess Around"

Team Bullet train when they see the Predacons.


  • The combined form of Team Bullet Train, Rail Racer, refers to himself in the plural.
  • The humans seem to be quite familiar with Optimus Prime and who he is.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • It would appear that this episode was originally to be titled "Bullet Train Rescue," as this was the title offered by various sources before the episode aired. The error has not entirely gone away, as this title was used on the R2 DVD menus. That said, it might have been better if this title had been used, since the very next episode has a title that is almost exactly the same. This would not be the last time this would happen in RiD.








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