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Burger Bot is a fine dining establishment in the far flung future of the Transformers Animated continuity family.
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Wanna have it your way, but with robots? Burger Bot is there for you. Home of the Big Bot Burger, this fine dining establishment will have your meal ready for you right when you order it, right in the drive-through. It services customers inside as well. Captain Fanzone and Sari Sumdac are known to order from its menu from time to time. And it was where Bumblebee first learned about humans when Sari was showing several Autobots some Earth customs. More specific, she told him that was how humans "fuel up". Transform and Roll Out!

On the Christmas, the now humanized Autobots decide to "re-fuel" at the Burger Bot. Prowl enjoys playing 'peek-a-boo' with a child while Bulkhead discovers what the bathrooms are for Ratchet refuses to help, darn him!. Human Error, Part I