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"Burning justice" is a nebulously-defined power-up in multiple Transformers series
Bee in the City

—The secondary heroes stand around and watch, calling on their burning spirit and heart of justice to empower the main hero from afar., TransTech Shockwave

For lack of a better term, burning justice refers to the mysterious power conveyed on some Transformers by positive psychic reinforcement--that is, by belief, either from the subject's own self-confidence and righteous indignation, or the championing power of an adoring crowd cheering them on, or some other ambient psychic effect. The actual mechanism by which the beliefs are transmitted and converted into energy are unclear, and often inconsistent between circumstances. Far from a simple emotional state, when a Transformer is endowed with "burning justice" they often show undeniable physical alterations, i.e. color changes, physical growth of new weapon attachments, or abilities they possess at no other time--which in turn can include powers that are all but miraculous, such as repairing grievous bodily injury, raising the dead, or temporarily suspending the laws of thermodynamics.

Beast Wars II

Galvatron, more detail

Robots in Disguise

  • Galvatron scientifically determined that the most powerful energy source in the universe was the optimism and hope of human children. He intended to use his swarms of mind-controlling bats to allow him to harness and control this power. The Final Battle
  • Fortress Maximus was restored to full functionality when all the children in the world logged onto their computers to send him their well-wishes. The Final Battle




While moments of Burning Justice were abundant in Galaxy Force, perhaps to a greater magnitude than any other piece of Transformers fiction, the English-language Cybertron dub would, on a regular basis, desperately attempt to make these instances make sense, through the insertion of dialogue that explained where the power boost was coming from, or just altering dialogue so that the characters would be amazed and/or mystified by what was happening to them, as opposed to the Japanese versions' nonplussed reactions that presented it as the most normal thing in the world.


This phenomenon has never been shown to affect female Transformers.

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