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Buzzer-Bot is a Go-Bot Protector from the Go-Bots continuity family.
Have you seen me?

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Buzzer-Bot is the "most clever" of the Go-Bots. What this says about the average I.Q. of Go-Bots in general is unknown.

Generally, Buzzer-Bot acts as backup for other Go-Bots operating on Earth, manning the scanners in the Go-Pod and alerting them to the various dangers they face. He does occasionally go out in the field, using his flying ability responsibly to help others.


Go-Bots cartoon

Voice actor: Alessandro Juliani

Buzzer-Bot was chosen by the Go-Bot Council as "the most clever" of the available Go-Bots to join the Earth's Go-Bot Team on their mission to help Earth.

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Playskool Go-Bots

  • Buzzer-Bot (2003)
Part of the Wave 1 animal assortment, Buzzer-Bot transforms into a wasp. He was available by himself, or in a K-Mart exclusive 2-pack with Aero-Bot II.
This mold was redecoed for release in Japan as Billy.
  • Buzzer-Bot (2003)
Part of the Wave 2 "Botropolis" assortment, this speedy ground-based Buzzer-Bot transforms into a motorcycle.
This mold was also used to make Cop-Bot.
  • Buzzer-Bot (2004)
Part of the Wave 3 "Glowbots" assortment. This version is a retool of the original Buzzer-Bot, transforming into a wasp, but this time with a light-up butt.
  • Buzzer-Bot Convertible (2004)
Part of the Wave 4 "Secret Shield" assortment, this incarnation of Buzzer-Bot transforms into a convertible sports car.


  • Buzzer-Bot seems to be a slight homage to Beast Wars Waspinator. Normally, it'd be a pretty tenuous homage, but then they went and made a Buzzer-Bot who turns into a motorcycle - just as Waspinator's spark was used to power the motorcycle Vehicon Thrust in Beast Machines. Could still be a coincidence, granted, but still.
  • In the Go-Bots cartoon, Buzzer-Bot's speech is accompanied by a series of electronic beeps. He's the only Go-Bot they do this with.

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