The Byacrane are a cult in the Beast Wars Neo portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Beating up monks and stealing holy relics, these are our heroes, ladies and gentlemen.

The Byacrane is a cult of Bear Transformers founded by Missionary Kuma Kinkin. They have goals of Galactic Domination.


Beast Wars Neo Manga

The Byacrane worshipped an Angolmois capsule as a holy relic. (As the Angolmois capsules contain the essence of Unicron, this effectively made the Byacrane a Satanic cult.) Big Convoy's crew of Maximals infiltrated their inner sanctuary to steal it. When the raid was discovered, the monks attacked the Maximals, but were beaten with relative ease.

Movement founder Kuma Kinkin gave them more trouble, but was also beaten, and the Maximals escaped with the capsule.

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