Carob Island is a location on Earth in the Generation One continuity family.

The shores of Carob Island are unfriendly ones- sheer unscalable cliffs guard it from the outside world. The island's northern edge features a beautiful bone-white beach where it is possible to make land. From there, visitors must make their way through the jungle to the cliffs, and pass through the caves to reach the heart of Carob Island, an untouched tropical preserve surrounded on all sides by cliffs.

In the eastern part of this enclosure lies the Monolith, home of the mysterious Madame Cee, to the western part... the mysterious megamaze.

It is unclear why a round Pacific island was named after long, thin Mediterranean vegetable. Possibly the thin strip of beach on the northern edge resembles a carob.


Carob monolith

You maniacs! You blew up Epcot Center! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!!

Madame Cee's Monolith is located in the south-eastern part of the island. The Monolith's rooms, corridors and spaces are carved out of the cliffs, and the exterior is a faceted stone done polished to a shine. The monolith's entrance is protected by a imposing briar with meter-long thorns.


Carob megamaze

"Turn your head and cough, Hound..."

Megatron constructed the megamaze on the south-western part of Carob Island to serve as his headquarters. This gigantic maze of ever-branching corridors is designed to disorient sensors with subtle changes of angles and lighting, trapping intruders inside.

The chamber at the heart of the megamaze is a guardpost with remote-controlled force-cages to immobilize intruders. Beyond this lies Megatron's electronics laboratory, used to rewire Madame Cee's automatons with computer brains better able to pass as the original.

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