Crosshairs (クロスヘア Kurosuhea?) is a character introduced in the Transformers: Age of Extinction movie. Some might call Autobot paratrooper Crosshairs overcautious. Others might call him a huge pain in the skidplate. But Crosshairs knows that he controls a vast armory that could be incredibly dangerous in the wrong hands. Thus, he sees it as his duty to protect it with his impenetrable filing system and his incessant demands for request forms - in triplicate.


Crosshairs demands that every round of ammunition used be accounted for. He is extremely careful in his targeting, not wanting to waste a single shot. His rate of fire is slow, even in the hottest combat, but his incredible accuracy more than makes up for it.[1]



Crosshairs was among the few Autobots to have survived on Earth, along with Bumblebee, Hound and Drift. Receiving a message from Optimus Prime' the Autobots rendezvoused in Monument Valley. Upon Optimus' return, he along with Hound were suspicious of the humans and drew their weapons on them. However Optimus called them off. The Autobots then gathered round a fire as Cade Yeager showed them information he had gathered showing what has been happening to Autobots around the world. Crosshairs was especially sad to see the death of Leadfoot. Learning of the humans involvement, he and the rest of the Autobots Launched a raid on Kinetic Solutions Incorporated in Chicago. He crashes through the atrium window and, leap-frogging Hound, thundered through the building into the lab. He fires into the roof to scare the humans out of the room. He proceeded to blast the lab to pieces with Optimus and Hound. Transformers: Age of Extinction


Crosshairs upon Optimus Prime's return.

—Mister leader of the free galaxy is back! I knew you'd make it, I never doubted you!


—...Well raise your hand if your thoroughly disenchanted with our pleasant Earth vacation...



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